Biohack Pharmaceuticals Serum Code: Pump

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What is Biohack Pharmaceuticals Serum Code Pump?
Serum Code Pump is a stimulant-free, pump pre-workout just as highly dosed as Biohack’s stimulant pre-workout PR3. The supplement’s primary focus is to enhance muscle pumps while you workout and to help nutrient delivery to your muscles to give you that extra push you really need.

What is in the pump pre-workout that is so good?
As the product is fully transparent we can let you know what is great about it. The first thing you will notice is that it has a large number of different pump ingredients giving you 20g of active ingredients in the supplement’s maximum serving of 2 scoops (this gives 20 servings) some of the features are actually at doses higher than any other product on the market such as a huge 10g of pure citrulline, 5g of betaine anhydrous, and 6g of glycerol (65%).

The other pump enhancers in Serum Code Pump’s formula are 750mg of pink Himalayan salt, 500mg of norvaline, 1g of pomegranate, and 1.5g of sodium nitrate. Biohack has also added AstraGin to the product at a dose of 100mg to help with absorption of everything.

Serum Code PR3 stackable
As mentioned earlier, Serum Code Pump is a stimulant free pre-workout and can be stacked with the Biohack Pharmaceuticals’ stimulant formula Serum Code PR3. The brand has actually made it as easy as possible to do that as Serum Code Pump comes in the same flavour as PR3 with FruitHella.

What are the main features of this pump?
Highly dosed
Very varied ingredients
20g of active ingredients
Added absorption

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