Complete Strength Oestro Aid

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Complete Strength Oestro Aid is an incredible non propriety blend oestrogen regulation formula designed to optimise healthy endocrine and hormonal profiles; supporting and helping balance the healthy produce of oestrogen.

This supplements contains a natural unrivalled formula to help eradicate excess and unstable hormones levels and produce a balanced level of estrogen, and promote positive and optimal hormone balance in the body.

The formula uses magnesium, calcium, Diindolylmethane (DIM), Calcium D-Glucarate amd many more synergistic compounds to achieve what previously has only been seen through prescription medications or by purchasing 10-12 different products at once.

Ingredients in Complete Strength Oestro Aid have been shown to be effective in creating a stable and sustainable hormone balance. Through many independent research studies.

Unstable Hormones can create many unwanted issues such as; water retention, weight gain, PMS, poor fat distribution, poor digestion and a lower libido to name a few.

Oestro Aid been designed to help everyone from elite level to your average gym go-er who needs some help regulating their hormonal balance.

The product has been designed to help and aid;

Reduce Water Retention
Improves Moods
Regulate Estrogen
Decrease Cortisol
Poor Digestion
Uneven Hormonal Balance

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