Are you looking for the best pre-workout for an immense pump? if so, you've likely just found it. Alpha Lion Superhuman Pump is a scientifically engineered, revolutionary stim free pre-workout that will cause insane skin splitting muscle pumps. 

Superhuman Pump is loaded with 7 clinically dosed, research backed, pumped priming ingredients that will leave your clothes bursting at the seams. 

Alpha Lion Superhuman Pump uses a number of different ways to target and increase muscle pumps. Research suggests that it might lead to long-term muscle growth because muscle pump causes the membranes of the muscle cells to stretch. This stretch signals natural chemical reactions within the body that can instigate long-term muscle growth by increasing muscle protein synthesis.

Not only will Superhuman Pump make your muscles look incredibly full and vascular but, it will also have a positive effect on the amount of nutrients being delivered to your muscles during and after the workout. This is because Nitric Oxide causes your blood vessels to relax and widen allowing more nutrients to be forced into the muscles at any one time, enhancing your exercise performance.

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