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Why choose Genius?
This pre-workout is backed by the Genius Promise - no unnecessary fillers, no dyes, no artificial flavours and no artificial sweeteners. This means the product is a pure, clean sports supplement. It is a clinically dosed supplement with no proprietary blend, formulated to serve a true purpose.

How will it help your workout?
Multiple ingredients come together in clinically effective doses to do what a pre-workout should do, improve strength and power output, elevate nitric oxide levels to enable a muscle pump and effective flow of nutrients, delay muscle fatigue and speed up cell-to-cell communication.

Genius Pre is the world’s first clinically dosed nootropic based pre-workout. Devoid of caffeine altogether, Genius Pre’s formula relies on clinically backed doses of key performance enhancers along with various brain nutrients to create a true mind to muscle connection.

Furthermore, the combination of L-Citrulline, EleATP and L-Arginine make for rapid N.O. elevations & massive pumps. One key factor in any great pre-workout is, what kind of pumps it gives you.

How does Genius Pre compare to other pre-workout supplements?
The first thing you will notice about this pre-workout is that it is caffeine free and relies on patented performance enhancing ingredients such as AlphaSize, elevATP, CarnoSyn which all are manufactured under a strict quality control process, making them clean ingredients andbut more important the benchmark for each ingredient. I.e CarnoSyn is the best form of beta-alanine available.

This acts to optimise muscle power output, sharpen agility and also delay mental fatigue by way of a true mind-to-muscle connection.

This supports increased lean muscle and strength and will also aid in improving athletic performance and body composition.

Decreases muscle burn which occurs during high-intensity workouts and also aids in delaying muscle fatigue. You will find you can crack out more weight and train longer.

These patented ingredients have been added with AstraGin which supports amino acid, vitamin and mineral absorption. Ensuring all these scientifically-backed ingredients are getting into the bloodstream and working.

Why are most pre-workouts masked with proprietary blends? They are mostly caffeine/cheap stimulants with under-dosed performance enhancers. Genius Pre avoids caffeine altogether and packs in clinical doses of all key ingredients. All these patented ingredients show that this product has been created with no costs cut.

What are some of the key facts about this nootropic pre-workout?
No proprietary blend
No banned substance
Packed full of incredible patented ingredients

What is exactly in this sports supplement?
Citrulline malate: a nitric oxide precursor, it’s strongly linked to endurance and increased blood flow.
Betaine: associated with better power output and focus.
L-tyrosine: may help with focus and reduce the stressful effects of a workout.
L-arginine: another nitric oxide precursor — note that since it competes for the same mechanism as citrulline malate, it might be redundant including both of them.
Alpha GPC: linked to improved power output, cognition, and production of growth hormone.
Taurine: helps promote focus and may improve recovery.
HICA: may promote muscle mass, though evidence is very weak.
Rhodiola rosea: reduces fatigue and may boost cognition.
ElevATP: may boost adenosine triphosphate, which could boost power.
Theobromine: a vasodilator that may increase heart rate.
AstraGin: improves absorption of other ingredients.
Toothed clubmoss: may improve focus.

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